Throw up a flag, they’ll come running

Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out for help when shit gets real.

This afternoon, after getting myself worked up about something I’m not gonna go into, I (embarrassingly) went into anxiety meltdown in Yarmouth town centre. Fear of nothing specific, sweaty palms, heart beating in double time; all the really fun stuff. Rather than attempt to handle it on my own I decided I needed help and I put up a flag. I have a whatsapp group made up of specific friends who all know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed in this way, and so instead of feeling like a burden by crying out to just one individual I threw a call for help at the entire group, and took it from whoever answered. Four phone calls from four very excellent people later I’d calmed down, and even started to feel good about everything that had set me off in the first place. What does that say to you? It says to me that when people say “call me if you want to talk”, they might not just be saying it to APPEAR kind. It says that some people actually give a fuck, drop what they’re doing, and help you out. It says that talking someone down from a meltdown can not just bring them back to neutral but can actually leave them feeling good – because it made them realise they have connections and support. When it works as well as that, talking is like magic.

I encourage anyone who knows people who’ve ever said “im always here if you want to talk” to consider putting all of those good eggs in one basket, so that when the time comes you don’t have to feel like a burden asking one person for help. The person or people that are available and ready to help you in that moment, will be your saviour. For anybody who doesn’t think they have friends or family they can talk to, find the goodness that’s out there in the mental health social media community. There are people out there who, if you let them, will help eradicate that awful, all too familiar feeling of being a glitch in an otherwise perfect world.

I like to think there’s a unique sense of belonging amongst those who struggle and who are either vocal about it or use social media to express their darker moments. As upsetting as it can be to hear of another persons plight, knowing it brings empathy and solidarity to the party.

Be excellent to eachother. Party on dudes.

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