Black Dog Runs

Today’s a big day. My journey’s seen me pass through Edinburgh for a second time, which means the journey south is well and truly on! Running from Inverness to John o’ Groats a couple of weeks ago wasn’t just a snap decision, but a sort of dry run for what’s about to happen next…

My challenge began off the back of years of letting my standards of physical and mental wellbeing slip to an all time low, so in terms of approach to completing a lap of Great Britain, walking was the only way to do it. Over the past year and a half, however; and as I now approach the 2,300 mile mark, its been encouraging to see my fitness ameliorate, and since falling in love with #running last winter its improved exponentially.

Being just your average 30 year old with an above average liking of booze and drugs and NOT an endurance athlete when my challenge first began, I was kind enough to limit myself to only one or two unavoidable restrictions en route (monetary, geographical etc), which meant I had freedom to figure things out as I progressed and wasn’t under any pressure to perform beyond my ability.

With that in mind, and feeling strong enough to up the intenseness of my challenge, (plus a certain amount of just wanting to want the fucking thing to be over tbh), I’ve decided to send my pack home and run the remaining miles between Edinburgh and Brighton over the next couple of months.

No doubt that’ll sound absolutely MENTAL to most people, but having seen the possibilities and after being inspired by people that have (knowingly or unknowingly) kept me focused, I now believe I have the physical and mental strength to pull this off… Or I die, which would be a drag at Christmas (not really mum, CALM DOWN). Anyway, there’s the plan. As ever I hugely appreciate the support I’ve been receiving, people’s kindness has given me the lift in confidence I’ve needed on more than a few occasions, and I can’t thank you all enough for that.

Please remember that I’m still trying to raise funds for the @mentalhealthfoundation so if you feel like you haven’t already spent enough on chrimbo presents then any contribution would be hugely appreciated 👇❤️

Let’s do this!

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